Nice to See You Warsaw !
• Neon "Nice to See You" was lit at midnight on the Gdansk Bridge on the Vistula.
• Neon "Nice to See You" won the contest "Neon for Warsaw", initiated by The Neon Muzeum and RWE Poland.
• The Neon Muzeum and RWE are the founders of the construction of the neon - and RWE will also supply the electricity.

On June 21, 2014, during the 19th Annual 'Wianki on the Vistula' festival, we launched the neon "Nice to See You", whose founders are Neon Muzeum and RWE Poland SA. The lighting-up event brought together more than 100,000 residents of the capital - who also watched music concerts and other entertainment. Just before midnight, the stage lights dimmed and all eyes turned toward the Gdansk Bridge, which lit up with the message "Nice to See You". The amazing event ended with a huge fireworks display.

'We are very pleased that the illumination of the neon "Nice to See You" was met with such a positive response and created so much joy for Warsaw residents.' - Says Iwona Jarzębska, Director of Communications RWE Poland. "We hope that the slogan "Nice to See You" will enter the vocabulary of Warsaw," - she added.

The neon "Nice to See You" by Mariusz Lewczyk, won the competition for Warsaw, the aim of which was to design a new landmark of the capital. The organizers of the project were the Neon Museum and RWE Poland SA. RWE was also the funder of the prize. More than 450 artists from all over Poland participated in the contest.

'The deliberations of the jury were very intense and difficult, due to the unusually high standard of the submissions. Choosing the best project was not easy, so I'm glad that the winner is "Nice to See You". We believe that the neon will become an important element in the promotion of the city' - says Jaroslaw Jozwiak, Director of the Center for Social Communication of the Capital City Warsaw, and a member of the jury.

'The participants showed tremendous creativity, often using traditional symbols of Warsaw, such as the Palace of Culture, Mermaid, bridges or skyscrapers. However, the winning project was unique, which is likely to become a new landmark of the capital' - adds Ilona Karwińska, Director of the Neon Museum, and a member of the jury.

'Neon "Nice to See You" makes the landscape of the revitalized Vistula banks more attractive, and sends a very positive message, inviting you to experience pleasant moments in the capital city. With its unique exposure to the Gdansk Bridge, the neon will be clearly visible to the many hundreds of people who walk, rest and participate in sports along the Vistula' - says Mariusz Lewczyk, author of neon.

The Neon Muzeum and RWE Poland SA, invites all residents and visitors to see the neon on the Gdansk Bridge. It is visible from the Vistula banks and terraces, looking across from the Old Town.

The neon "Nice to See You" was made entirely with the traditional neon building techniques, however, modern transformers and capacitors were used - which consume up to ten percent less energy than their relatives from the last century.